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Time To Let Go

This is the day that every pet owner dreads. Our pets are our friends, and if any of our friends are in pain which can not be alleviated or are unable to live life with the quality and dignity they deserve, allowing them to pass from this life painlessly and with dignity, is the last gesture of love.

Having known most of our patients all of their lives, and being pet owners ourselves, we know how difficult this time is. Glenn Veterinary Clinic staff will do everything possible to ease the pain and distress as much as we can. It is often the case that the Vet, Veterinary Nurse and Client are all in tears, such is the very difficult nature of this side of Veterinary Practice. We are here to advise and support you at a very difficult time.

Knowing what is going to happen can at least remove the fear that some terrible ordeal is going to take place. This sad news will be passed onto you with care and compassion.

Generally an injection of a small amount of concentrated anaesthetic is given intravenously as the pet is gently held, being talked to by their owner and supported throughout by the Clinic staff. Every effort is made to ensure no animal becomes distressed. A sedative is given when necessary prior to the injection to ensure a calm, stress free going to sleep. Pets will know that they are loved right to the very end of their lives. Many Clients take solace from the peaceful and dignified way that their friends end their suffering and calmly, with dignity, go to sleep.

Some Owners prefer their loved ones go to sleep at home, relaxed and at peace in their own environment. Glenn Vets are happy to do a House Call in such cases. Clients only have to phone the Clinic, and this will easily be arranged at a convenient and appropriate time. Alternatively we arrange for Clients and their pets to attend the Clinic at a time no other Clients are having appointments, ensuring there is no need to wait in the Reception area, or face other people.

Afterwards, we will make all appropriate arrangements again ensuring our friends are treated with respect and dignity. We will generally arrange for cremation by a local reputable Pet Crematorium. We will arrange for ashes to be returned in a wooden casket or scatter box as appropriate. It is often a fitting tribute to your pet to scatter their ashes in a favourite place for walks, or where special times of enjoyment were shared. Alternatively the Crematorium will arrange for ashes to be scattered locally.

The Glenn Veterinary Clinic is here to meet your needs and to support you and your much-loved pet through a very traumatic and distressing time. Staff at the Clinic have many years experience in animal care, and as all the staff are pet owners, we will be empathetic to you and your pet at all times.

There is a Book of Remembrance available in the Clinic should you wish to formally record the life of your pet and add some photographs should you wish. The Book of Remembrance is always available in Reception for you to look at whenever you wish.

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