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Free 4 week Pet Plan Insurance

At The Glenn Veterinary Clinic ,we feel microchipping is the most effective way to identify and register ownership of our pets .It is likely that the Government is going to make microchipping of dogs compulsory . In order to help our clients protect their pets and prepare for this new legislation ,we are offering free microchipping with every booster vaccination for June, July and August .

All new puppies and kittens receive their first examination free of charge , a puppy or kitten pack containing free samples and free insurance cover with Pet Plan for 4 weeks ( if healthy )
All our puppies also receive a free Development Check at 5 months old .

Dogs going into Boarding Kennels need Kennel Cough vaccination in addition to normal Booster vaccinations .We offer 1/3 off Kennel Cough vaccination when combined with a Booster .
We also offer a “ Family Discount “ when more than one pet needs a vaccination .

Many insurance companies require animals to have regular dental check ups . We are happy to carry these out free of charge as part of an annual health check and then discount any recommended dental work by 10%

We advise all dogs and cats are wormed every 3 months . We provide a full year’s worming treatment at 15% discount.

We work closely with the Dogs Trust to provide subsidised neutering for people on qualifying benefits . This is currently £15 .

We also support the Assisi cat neutering scheme .
In conjunction with Assisi we offer an annual rabbit health care plan - will forward details!

Companion Health Club

We want you to enjoy your companion in the best possible health without the worry of preventable disease.
Regular vaccination , worming ,flea treatment and dental care together with the correct diet and weight management are essential to good health but can be expensive.
All puppies and kittens that we vaccinate and all dogs and cats receiving annual booster vaccinations are entitled to free membership of our Companion Health Club which entitles you to over £40 saving on preventative health care products, boosters and Vet Essential diets.
Animals that have been rehomed from Assisi will be enrolled in the Companion Health Club at their free registration health check.

Companion Health Club Membership Benefits:

  1. 15% Discount on Dental treatment and Neutering.
  2. 15%Discount on Kennel Cough Vaccination.
  3. 15% Discount on Vet Essential Life Stage diets.
  4. 15% Discount on Microchipping.
  5. Free Nurse Clinics - Weight monitoring and diet advice, nail clipping.

To ensure on going membership, we also offer 15% discount on the next Booster vaccination.


Melkor - A Very Brave Dobermann

Melkor is a 3 yr old Dobermann who is very lucky to be alive.He became bored one night and decided to eat the stuffing from his sleeping bag. This formed a long cord in his stomach which then lodged in his small intestine as he attempted to digest it. As some food could still push past the foreign body, he continued to eat for 2 days before the damaged to his intestines was so severe, he became very ill.

Although material doesn’t show up on xray, the gas patterns suggested that Melkor had an obstruction.
Surgery revealed approximately 3ft of Melkor’s small intestine was so severely damaged, it would have to be removed. The remaining sections were rejoined in a very delicate procedure. The rope of material had lodged further on in the last part of the small intestine where it was causing the organ to bunch up creating further damage .We made another opening to remove this.

After surgery, Melkor remained critically ill due to toxic shock and needed litres of intravenous fluids and intensive nursing care to try to save his life.

He proved to be a fighter! The join in his intestine held without leaking and his gut began to work in it’s new shorter form. The next morning Melkor was standing and looking for food. Within 48 hours he wanted to go home ! Melkor still has a long way to go to recover his strength and will always be on frequent small feeds but he’s not complaining !

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