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Care of inpatients

All our staff are dedicated to ensuring your animal has an enjoyable stay with us  while they are receiving treatment. We believe it is important that all our patients know they are in a warm, secure and loving environment.
It is important that we know as much as possible about your animal’s normal daily routine, diet preferences, toileting preferences and little idiosycracies as little familiar touches often help our patients settle in.
All our patients are examined fully twice daily and are regularly assessed using the Glasgow Pain Score to ensure they are not in discomfort. Each patient has a Lead Vet in charge of their care but we have rounds twice daily to ensure everyone is fully informed about the treatment plan for each patient and that there is continuity in care when clinical staff change.
There is an In patient Nurse dedicated to the care of all hospitalised animals, each day.
We have separate hospital wards for dogs, cats and exotics. This reduces stress in our patients. We also have a separate Isolation Ward for infectious cases.
All our kennels are centrally heated and additional heat is supplied to ensure even the most critically ill patients are kept warm and comfortable. 
Patients are generally unperturbed when receiving intravenous fluids. We take great care to ensure catheters are comfortable and all patients have the rate of infusion controlled using infusion pumps. 
While we do not have staff resident on site overnight, we ensure all our hospitalised animals are comfortable and have adequate pain control overnight before staff leave. We are happy to discuss the overnight care animals will receive and will arrange transfer to our out of ours partners, VetsNow, for critical patients, with an owners consent.
We know that it is an anxious and worrying time when your animal has to stay with us. We ensure clients are updated daily about their animal’s condition and advise clients as soon as possible if a patient deteriorates or is causing us concern. If we are unable to contact a client, we will always do everything possible to stabilise the patient and alleviate pain and suffering.
We appreciate that the cost of treatment can also be a worry when your animal needs inpatient care. We are always happy to provide regular updates about on going costs and discuss a range of treatment options if applicable.
You are able to visit your animal while it is hospitalised. This will generally be between Consulting hours. Please contact us first and we will arrange a visiting time.
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The Glenn Veterinary Clinic right in the middle of Bangor and is just off high street. There is parking in the Flagship shopping centre or on roads around.

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